The Tula skinceutical cream review: It’s all about the antioxidants, but it doesn’t hurt to try it once you’ve finished with your face

The Tulas skinceutic cream is a $1,000 facial cream that promises to help prevent wrinkles and prevent hyperpigmentation.The formula, which contains vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, copper and calcium, also contains antioxidants like vitamin C and selenium.According to the Tula website, this is “the perfect skin treatment for dry, cracked skin.”But the formula also contains […]

Best skincares for dry skin

Skincare for dry, flaky skin?What you need to know about skincaria products article A new generation of skincars, from dmks skincar to pca skins, have become popular as the aging population increasingly needs skin care products to ward off the ravages of aging.While dmds skincaris, marketed under the brand name Pca, are often marketed to […]