When you’re sick, the skinfaces are your best friend

When you’ve just recently returned from a weekend trip to the beauty industry, it can feel like you’re missing out on a whole bunch of the things you need to feel well-hydrated and well-smothered.But the truth is, you may have just been missing out.Here’s what skincares can do to help keep your skin feeling smooth, […]

Which Beauty Products Can Be Used To Reduce Skin Pigmentation?

The world of beauty products has changed dramatically in the past decade.The beauty industry is in the midst of a revolution that is changing our perception of what a beauty product is and how it can be used to improve our skin.But how do you know if you’re using a product that can benefit your […]

Why some people swear by honest skincares

It was a cold January morning when I first opened the mail.My parcel contained a box of skincaria.It contained two boxes of my favourite skincaras.The first box contained a lovely black-and-white box that looked exactly like the one I had received.The second box was more luxurious and had a glossy-paper cover.I opened the lid, which […]

How to avoid getting acne-causing ingredients at your local pharmacy

If you’re looking for a prescription product to protect against acne, you’re in luck.The drugstore chain that has been under fire for selling the products has just launched a new line of products to counter the “cosmetic menace” that some say can lead to acne-related illnesses.The new line, called The Beauty Box, has been marketed […]