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I've loved using the Rossi facial products - light and gentle cleanser, revive and refresh toning mist and rich and hydrating face cream. They are super-gentle, have a gorgeous subtle scent and best of all I've seen a marked improvement in my skins texture and radiance. Amazing, fast results from a natural product range. It's great to know I can use something so effective but also totally natural, particularly as I am 7 months pregnant. The shower gels and body lotions are equally gorgeous and make both you and your bathroom smell fantastic. I'm 100% a Rossi devotee now - gentle, effective, intelligent skincare.

Thea, London

The Rossi skin care range uses well tried and tested blends of natural products. I like knowing that I am not putting chemicals and synthetic substances on my skin.

My favourites are the Hand and Body lotion, and the Face Cream; I use both of these daily. The creams are absorbed easily, leaving the skin soft and silky smooth, with no greasy residue.

I am well into my sixties, but friends comment that my skin looks more like that of a 45/50 year old. Apart from lipstick, I rarely wear makeup, having suffered from allergic reactions in the past. Now I don't feel I need to cover my face in make up.

I wish I had discovered this range of products years ago, and now I recommend them to my friends.  They make great gifts too, and I know that they are appreciated.

Cynthia, London

Rich & Hydrating Face Cream : This cream is a great, nourishing all rounder. It has a lovely, rich texture without being oily. I have combination skin and this cream was the perfect balance between giving my skin the nutrients (and help, as I get older) that it needs and not making my skin greasy and pores feel blocked. I especially loved this as a night cream when I didn’t have to put make up, letting it just work its magic. A good product.

Tash, Colchester

Rossi Lavender & Orange Hand & Body Lotion : Easily applied and is absorbed quickly, non greasy & holds a pleasant scent. My hands are definitely feeling the benefit.

Rossi Rich & Hydrating Face Cream : Attractive packaging & easy to use dispenser. A useful size, one application lasts all day. Highly recommended.

Julie, Hull

I started using Rossi’s face cream and body lotion a few months ago after researching the health damages caused by chemicals contained in toiletries and cosmetics.

These products are absolutely amazing and are the only ones I could find that are 100% natural.

They have a very light texture and make my skin look really healthy and smooth.

Unlike other products that may look natural  (but when you look at the ingredients there are very often hidden chemicals or perfumes) , every ingredient in Rossi is derived from a plant, which makes them truly unique.

I would recommend everyone to try them and get rid of the traditional skincare products (including the premium brands) which are laden with chemicals that are absorbed into the body over time, and may cause damages in the long term.

Roberta, London

I have tried and used all of the products and all are very good for my skin. Very soft and highest quality.

I really love the Face Toning Mists, for cleaning or just refreshing my face.  And when  my son has had an allergy on the whole body, the sensitive body lotion was brilliant to get it away in record time and that he was not scratching all the time.

I love that you use purest and simple ingredients, that everybody can understand what it has inside the package.

Renata, Switzerland

I would strongly recommend these products and I have enjoyed using them. The products have very user friendly applicator and nozzles allowing me to control the flow and quantity of the lotion required. The face cream has a clean, refreshing consistency and has light, fresh lingering fragrance.

Jane, Bedfordshire

Rossi's Rose Toning Mist is the most lovely product to use. It calms and refreshes my skin in a way now other toner has before. It' is very gentle, and as I have have dry skin I love it because it doesn't 'strip' my skin like other harsher toners can. The Rose Toning Mist dries in minutes and leaves my skin cool, fresh and ready for moisturising - I use Rossi's Hydrating Face Cream for Dry and Mature Skin, which I also fully recommend.

Lindsey, Liverpool

I have really enjoyed using the Rossi hand and body lotion. I was instantly impressed with how easily absorbed it is and how soft it makes my hands feel. The Rossi products are, in my opinion, excellent quality and are great for my sensitive skin. I have especially enjoyed using the Grapeseed Hand and Body Lotion and the Clear and Bright Face Cream.

Heather, Cheshire

Clear and bright face cream : This light and easily absorbed face cream is a real revelation and left my skin feeling soft and nourished. I’ve been looking for a product that keeps my occasional breakouts under control but still has a luxurious feel – I think I can stop looking now.

Angela, Liverpool

Absolute Favorite. Unlike heavy creams available on the market, Rossi's Rich & Hydrating Face Cream feels very creamy and rich but It doesn't leave the skin greasy. My skin feels great and so soft and smooth to touch. The use of Jojoba and Rosehip oil gives a very pleasant and natural smell.  It is also small enough to fit in my bag so I can take it on the road. You can't go wrong buying this brand as it is cost effective and works wonders.

Yvonne, Hong Kong

Thank you very much for these natural products. I'm 29 and I have a quite sensitive skin. Since I am using Rossi Light & Gentle Cleanser for sensitive skin I feel that my skin is clean and hydrated. It keeps it moisturized. Since I am pregnant I could not use any of the products I usually used before, because my skin becomes easily irritated.

I also use every morning the face toning mist and the classic and gentle face cream. For the first time I use products that smell really natural and lovely, I really like all of them. My skin is clear and gentle when I use them.

Mimi, Paris

Moisturiser - I love the subtle aromas, nothing strong or overpowering, it makes you feel better before you even use it. The texture is fluid like a gentle milk when going on but acts like a rich cream as  you blend, my skin feels much softer & nourished.

Body/hand cream - invigorating & fresh scents that evolve as the lotion sinks in, it coats & lasts until the next application. I've used the residue on my elbows & knees & they are both much smoother & have lost that dry, scaly winter texture.

I am looking forward to using other products in the range & hope they will add an eye gel for mature skin as its my life saver every morning. For years I have been a loyal user of the Body Shops " Elder Flower Eye Gel" but I am happy to be tempted away by a "Rossi" alternative.

Phillipa, West Sussex

I "borrowed" the normal skin type face cream and cleansing lotion from my wife; they are much better than other brands I've tried that are three times the price. I've found the cleanser to be a great shave lotion and I now use this instead of regular shaving gels or foams. Hoping there will be a mens range soon !

Dennis, Fulham

As a teacher in a primary school, I frequently need to wash my hands during the working day. I have been looking for an effective hand cream that keeps my hands looking hydrated and feeling soft throughout the day and I think I have finally found the one! I have been using Cocoa Butter and Grapeseed Hand and Body Lotion for several weeks now, and can honestly say this is the most effective cream I have used.

Caroline, Manchester

I love using Rossi's Cocoa Butter & Grapeseed Hand & Body Lotion.  I have quite sensitive skin which also gets dry. This lotion is light and creamy without being greasy and is absorbing quickly. My skin feels lovely and soft. Yea! The subtle smell is fresh and natural - no nasty overpowering chemical perfumes. It's great that the all natural ingredients are listed and it has a normal long shelf life once opened. Other natural products I have tried seem to go bad after very short time.

Rossi's Light & Gentle Face Cleanser. This is Brilliant. Having particularly sensitive skin on my face, it is great to find a natural cleanser that doesn't include a host of chemicals for my skin to react to.  Hurray!  The cleanser is creamy and removes make-up, (including my mascara), really well . It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised, not greasy like with oily cleansers. I love the bottle.  It looks great and with the closing top, small enough to take in carryon luggage.

Annette, Isle of Man

The face lotion that Rossi makes is just the type of lotion that I want for my daily use. It is light yet moisturizing. Also I have sensitive skin and often have a mild allergic reaction to many of the name-brand perfumes and lotions, however I experienced no allergies with Rossi.

Andrea, Washington DC