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Our Products

We're committed to the highest quality natural ingredients to give your skin natural health and radiance.

We’re all exposed, all the time, every day, to pollutants, environmental hazards and products which are full of synthetics and great progress has been made to make people aware of these risks. Food is getting better and the environment is getting cleaner.

At Rossi we’ve taken this awareness to our skin care. Skin care and hair care products are absorbed by the skin into the body. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and it does a great job of keeping out harmful chemicals, but it can’t do everything.

So all our products are made from 100% natural ingredients. No synthetics, artificial preservatives, bulking agents, plastic fillers or heavily processed derivatives. Just the things that you would find out there in nature.

There’s a lot of commentary which says that many skin care products have ingredients which are harmful or are potentially harmful. Some ingredients are just getting a bad name for themselves without much credible evidence. At Rossi we’re not taking any chances, we’re keeping everything 100% natural. And we only use the highest quality ingredients we can find.

We’ve been working on our own formulations for the past six years. Trying and testing them, getting them right and making sure they are a pleasure to use. So you definitely won’t find any Parabens, Sulphates (SLS or SLES), petroleum’s, triglycerides, PEGs, plastic fillers (eg. Nylon –yes, some skin care brands use plastic fillers !), synthetic fragrance (often identified as parfum) - we only use pure natural essential oils, and we don’t use synthetic preservatives such as phenoxyethanol or benzyl alcohol.

We know all of our suppliers and they know that we insist on the highest quality possible. Where organic ingredients are available we will use them. We only use ingredients which have not been involved with animal testing.

Committed to the highest quality, 100% natural, to give your skin natural health and radiance.