‘L’Oréal: This is not a luxury product’: Indian cosmetics brands to fight ‘counterfeit’

The Indian cosmetics industry has seen a huge jump in counterfeit goods over the past two years, according to a report published by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and CSE India, the companies which produce the products.

The CSE and Cse India report, titled ‘L’,Oréally: This Is Not a Luxury Product’, says the industry has witnessed a significant increase in the counterfeit products and the price of these products is also rising.

“There has been a major increase in counterfeit products.

Over the past three years, the number of counterfeit products registered has risen from 7,935 to 13,072,” CSE said in a statement.”

In comparison to the year 2014, the market has witnessed the sharpest increase in number of fake products in the country.

This is a direct result of the counter-intuitive behaviour of the counterfeiters, who have been caught cheating the authorities,” it added.”

The government is taking a number of measures to tackle the problem of counterfeiters,” the report added.

While the report does not detail the exact number of the fake products registered in India, it did say that the counterfeit value has gone up by over $1 billion over the last three years.

According to CSE, the rise in the number and value of counterfeit goods in the cosmetics industry is a result of an “unprecedented” increase in illegal and illegal drugs, including amphetamine-type drugs, counterfeit cosmetics and fake body care products.

The Cse report also revealed that counterfeiters have been “dabbling” in other areas of manufacturing, including counterfeit pharmaceuticals, counterfeit household products, and counterfeit electrical goods.

The report also found that there has been an increase in cases of “pesticide poisoning”, an epidemic that has been linked to illegal pesticides used to control pests in the agriculture sector, the report said.

“This year, we also observed a dramatic rise in cases linked to pesticide poisoning, with over 15,000 cases reported across the country,” it said.

The increase in incidents has also resulted in “unfair competition”, as the industry is losing “tens of millions of dollars in revenue”, CSE added.

Despite these serious issues, “the cosmetics industry remains optimistic that the situation will improve,” the CSE report said, adding that the government is working towards “properly managing the market” and will “make it safe for all”.

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