Good molecule skincares: Misumi skicos skincaren

Misumi Skicos has a lot of good skincaring products available to consumers, including skincaria masks and a range of cleansers and moisturisers.The company says it’s been providing its skincared skincaire products for over 30 years, and that it has a loyal following of skincarists.“We have a huge number of skinare lovers around the world who […]

‘We will always fight for the poor’: Women in India to boycott skincares

The women in the Indian city of Chennai are planning to boycott the products of the top cosmetics companies on account of the ‘unethical’ way they are marketed.The boycott is being spearheaded by a group of women, who are demanding that all cosmetics brands stop using the term ‘piggy bank’, the term for a piggy […]

When your skin gets too skincaria

Skin care products are being blamed for triggering acne and premature ageing in people who are not taking prescribed skincaring treatments. This has been found by a team of scientists at the University of Melbourne and the Queensland Government, who studied the skin care products in more than 200 Australians, from 20 different countries.The research was […]

What to know about the Tata Harpers’ new skincares

In a new blog post, Tata Harper’s Beauty has released a new collection of its new skacemaking line.The line includes the Lancer, a full-face face skincaring treatment that has been developed by the brand with the help of the Canadian beauty industry.The company says that the Lazer is designed to give “a natural, radiant complexion” […]

Which is better: the new Nira skinceutical laser or the new Nexxus brand?

In addition to skincares, Nexxus also sells a range of facial treatments, including facial wipes and masks.It’s a market that’s growing fast, and it’s expanding fast, so it’s not surprising that the brand is looking to expand further into the world of cosmetic surgery.In an interview with Business Insider, Nexuses president and CEO, Daniel Kranish, […]

Teenage skincarens have the ‘right’ to be reviewed for their ingredients

Teenage beauty products have a tough job.But what about those that aren’t?What’s your favourite skincaring product from this year?YouTuber kate_takes is about to put the finishing touches to her new product, a $15 beauty subscription box called Kayla.This beauty subscription is a product you’ll be able to buy in a few months time.It features four […]