‘I am not afraid to wear my makeup’: Alicia Keys on her best skincares

When Alicia Key first started wearing makeup, it was just to cover her acne.

“I would just sit in a dark room and just get my makeup done, and I would never go out for coffee,” she said.

“It’s not something that I would do, because I have been conditioned to look at myself in the mirror and say ‘I’m not afraid’.” Now, with her husband Alistair Key, Alisa has spent the last six years developing a comprehensive skin care routine and the results have been remarkable.

She’s been dubbed the ‘new Alicia’ by the media and has been the subject of countless YouTube videos and Instagram posts, earning her an endorsement deal with the US cosmetics giant Sephora.

But Alisa, who is currently pregnant, is not one to shy away from wearing her makeup.

“You know, I am a beauty queen and I’m the only one who does it, so I really like that I’m not alone,” she told the RTE show, where she was joined by husband Alismair, the first person in her family to wear makeup.

“So it’s a natural progression of the whole Alisa’s journey, where my husband is the one who comes home with it, and that I also do it,” Alisa added.

“We’re very passionate about our products and what we can do for our skin.

When asked if she felt pressure to keep up with the latest trends in skincars, Alissa said: “I don’t think I do, but it’s just a part of my life, and it’s very difficult to do, especially for someone who doesn’t want to look bad. “

In terms of what I use, I’ve definitely taken more than one approach to this, and what’s been really impressive has been how my skin feels and how it feels when I’m wearing it.”

“If you want something that’s a little more subtle, I think that’s what’s important for me. “

“For me, my routine has always been to wear the best product that I can afford. “

And I definitely feel pressure because I’m pregnant, but I’ve always been a beauty, so it’s definitely not a thing where I can just go out and be a glamour queen. “

For me, my routine has always been to wear the best product that I can afford.

I just think I need to look good.” “

Even if I have to, if it’s not for me, it’s fine.

I just think I need to look good.”

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