What’s the deal with the LumiNova mini skincampore?

LumiRan® mini skin cream cleanser with the BioMed™ Biomax™ technology uses a unique blend of BioMed® Biomacro™ Microbioreactive™ ingredients to remove dirt and bacteria while protecting skin’s natural protective properties.

This is one of the most effective products on the market, as well as the only gel-based cleanser to deliver the desired hydration and moisturization.

The BioMed Microbiome™ Microbiozyme™ System is a blend of two bioactive microorganisms, Microbiota.

The BioMed microbioflavonoids work together to produce hydration, firmness, and lubrication for your skin.

The Biomace™ Microactive formula is made up of the BioMace™ Bioactive Formula, BioMacer™ BioActive Formula, and BioLubricant™.

LumiLancin® cleanser has the highest efficacy among all three formulas.

It also offers excellent moisture retention, and the BioLucid™ formula provides added hydration.

The LumiBio™ Bioprevent™ System also helps with acne-fighting properties.

The other BioMed formula, LumiBiota, has a more concentrated form of the bioactive ingredients.

This formula is recommended for oily and dehydrated skin.

For a better understanding of how BioMed’s microbiosynthesis process works, read our BioMed article.

LumiBioBioLucina® cleansers are available in three sizes: a medium-sized, a large-sized and a XL.

The small-sized cleanser is ideal for those who are more sensitive to a light moisturizer, while the XL cleanser may be the perfect option for those with oily or combination skin.

For a detailed explanation of how the LomiBiota™ Biocompatible System works, visit Lumi Biota.

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