How to make your skin smell like a rose when you wash it

Loreal skins, a line by the beauty brand Bha, is a cult favorite.

Now, Loreal is launching a line of skin-loving creams inspired by the rose petals that are prized by beauty buffs around the world.

Lately, the brand has been highlighting its Rose Petals line in the US, as well as the UK. 

The new Rose Petal Skin is a 100% natural rose essence infused with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The product comes in a sleek tube and is available in the UK and US. 

Rose petals are known for their ability to brighten and soften skin. 

A rose petal is a small rose, typically between two and six inches in length. 

It’s the shape of a petal with a petaled flower on top. 

According to Loreal, the Rose Petas are an amazing way to rejuvenate skin.

 “Rose petal essence has a calming and hydrating effect on the skin, helping to calm and rejuvenate with skin’s natural scent and softness,” Loreal told me.

 Rose Petal skin is available now for $35 and can be purchased through Loreal’s website. “

As you will find out when you use our Rose Peta Skin, the scent of the rose is what helps to enhance the essence.”

 Rose Petal skin is available now for $35 and can be purchased through Loreal’s website.

The brand also launched a line called Rose Petaliens, which uses rose petaling to create a luxurious fragrance.

The Rose Petalis line is a mix of rose petas and lavender oil and has a “femme de cologne and fragrance” on the bottle.

You can also get a Rose Petaling Rose Cream, which has a floral fragrance that has a citrus smell and a rose-infused essence.

Loreal is also partnering with makeup company Bha Cosmetics to offer a line in collaboration with the brand.

Rose petas are also becoming more popular with beauty fans.

In 2016, L’Oréal announced a Rose-Inspired Skin line that would include Rose Petaled Lipstick, Rose Petalfa Lipstick and Rose Petale Lipstick.

Other products from Loreal include Rose Lips and Rose Lashes, Rose Lace and Rose Shower Gel, Rose Bamboo and Rose Hair Spray.

A Loreal spokesperson told me that the company is working to release new products for Rose Petalia, which will be available later this year.

It’s important to note that Loreal isn’t endorsing Rose Petales or Rose Lums or any other rose products.

This is all part of the brand’s continued focus on natural, eco-friendly products.

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