How to avoid makeup stains on your skin

The problem with makeup stains is that they are a part of the process of skin care and can easily stain a lot of the makeup you use.

But this is where your skincaring routine comes in handy.

The best way to avoid those makeup stains and get your skin looking great is to apply your skintone treatment at the same time.

This way, you will have a foundation on your face that will actually help with the skin condition, rather than just giving you a face mask that is going to make your skin look oily and lifeless.

Here’s how to apply foundation to your face and avoid the dreaded makeup stains.


Apply foundation before your skinApply foundation with your fingers, not a palette brush.

Apply your foundation to the inner corner of your eye, cheekbones, or forehead, using the same technique as you would apply your foundation on the face.2.

Apply powder to the inside of your mouthApply your foundation in the same way you would any foundation.3.

Apply a powdery foundation cream to the outer corner of the cheekbonesApply a powder cream to your cheekbones or forehead.4.

Apply tinted concealer to your noseUse your favorite concealer.

Apply tinted powder to your lips and under your eye.5.

Apply mascara to your eyelashes and under the eyesApply mascara to the lashes and underthe eyes.6.

Apply primer to your skinApply a primer to the skin to remove makeup.

If you’re not using a primer, use a concealer instead.

Apply concealer on the side of your face.


Apply moisturizer to your hairApply moisturizer on your hair to keep it moisturized.


Apply face powder to a towel or towel pad to add texture to your foundation.9.

Apply makeup remover to your makeup removers for easy application.

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