How Huxley Skincare’s CEO Saved Her Business and Family with Huxleys ‘Boom’ Cover

The first thing to know about the brand: The founder of the world’s biggest cosmetic company is a feminist.Huxby Skincares is best known for its “bump-and-grin” haircare line that is the worlds biggest seller, with an estimated sales volume of $500 million annually.But Huxbys founder, Huxly Burt, says she wants to make it easier for […]

How to buy cheap skincares in Australia: the new trend?

I’m excited to be a part of the trend in skincaring, and I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to share this with you.I’m a small business owner and am passionate about creating healthy and effective skincarves for people of all ages, body types, skin types and budgets.I also have a long-standing interest in the science […]