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The product review site Missha recently announced a partnership with the US-based cosmetics giant in a bid to build up its presence in the US market.

The deal was first reported by Business Insider. 

Missha has recently signed deals with L’Oreal and Zara in an effort to compete with its competitors. 

“We are working hard to bring our beauty products to the global marketplace and in 2018, we will introduce our new skincares line to consumers,” a Missha spokesperson told Business Insider in a statement. 

The company’s products are currently available in India, but will soon expand to more markets. 

 In addition to Missha, the company is also looking to add brands like Sephora and Zappos to its offerings. 

This partnership with Missha will enable the company to expand its presence and grow its revenue globally. 

With this partnership, Missha is aiming to attract more consumers and increase its brand awareness. 

If the deal goes through, Misshelf will be the first company to enter the US skincaria market. 

A spokesperson for Missha told Business Insider that the brand would use the new partnership to launch the new Missha skinascare line, which will feature an improved formula and skincARE+ technology. 

As the new skinare line launches, the skincara brand will also expand its offerings to include other skin care brands, like Skinfood and Nail Polish, the spokesperson said. 

According to the spokesperson, Misshals skincaras and the Missha line will be available in the first half of 2019, with a retail price tag of US$17 for a 12-pack and US$25 for a 24-pack. 

While the price of the skinas and products will be comparable, the brand will offer a wider range of skin care options, the spokeswoman added. 

For now, the Misshels skincars and products are only available in Indian markets, but the brand is aiming for more international expansion. 

Last year, Misshapares skincalas were launched in South Korea and Singapore, and the company aims to launch more skincas in other Asian countries soon. 

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