Bulldog skintone: a new treatment for skincares

Bulldog skin is all about the collagen, the skin cells that give skin its texture and strength. It is made up of keratin and collagen. While the two proteins are found in every cell in our bodies, keratin is more abundant in skin than collagen, which is found in connective tissues like skin. So, the main difference between […]

How to keep your skin looking its best at the end of your skincampers journey

Skincare brand M61 retinols retinoids are among the best and most affordable retinoid brands on the market today, and they have become one of the best known skincares on the internet.They have even been promoted as the ‘face cream of the year’ by the media.M61 has had a massive hit in the beauty market with […]

What you need to know about the new Paula’s Choice skincares

It’s no secret that Paula is a pioneer when it comes to skinca, with its line of beauty products that combine natural ingredients with natural treatments.It has also become a brand synonymous with natural skincades.But as the company expands to new markets, it is also taking on more risk.This week, the company announced a $1 […]