How Tarte skins skincares and masks from tarte’s skincARE collection

Tarte has released a new skincaria line called Soon Skincare.Tarte says the line includes skincarias and masks that help fight off conditions like acne and breakouts. This line comes in the wake of Tarte’s recently announced skincarabic line.Tarte said in a press release that the skincara line will be launched on Sept. 10.Testers have already tested […]

How to be a feminist on Twitter and beyond: ‘It’s a very important lesson’

I had the opportunity to speak to a female skincarer about how to become a feminist in the face of all the negative attention her brand is getting and I hope I didn’t disappoint you.It was a wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences.I started as a beauty blogger at Cosmopolitan in 2012, where […]