Glossier Cosmetics launches ‘Panda Beauty’ mascara review

A new collection of mascara from Glossier aims to deliver the same creamy, waterproof formula of its signature brands but in a more palatable packaging.

The brand has teamed up with Pacifica, the brand behind Panda Beauty mascara, to bring the line to the US.

The collection of six products will be available in a range of skincares starting at $18.50.

The range includes the popular Pinnacle Mascara, the $25 Blush Mascaras, the new $18 Luscious Lash, the Pinnacle Lash-A-Blast, and the new Panda Beauty Blush.

Each product comes with an optional travel pouch, which allows users to keep their favorite product when they go shopping.

The first product, the Panda Beauty Mascaran, is made of a luxurious, silky, silken and creamy silicone and is infused with Vitamin E and Vitamin E+Gel.

The shade is a shade of light, matte pink.

The Mascars also come in three different sizes: the $18 Pinnacle Brush-Mascara (the one with a metal tip), the $16 Pinnacle Gel-Miscar, and $12 Pinnacle Lipstick-Mocapar.

The formula is said to deliver a smooth, velvety feel, which is a welcome change from the bulky mascaras that often feel dry and heavy.

“The Pinnacle is the new standard in the comfort department, as well as the new version of Panda Beauty,” Glossier co-founder and CEO, Kristin Miller, said in a statement.

Pacificus is a subsidiary of Korean cosmetics giant Samsung and is best known for its cosmetics line including the Pomegranate, and also the Porefessional. “

With Pinnacle, we wanted to build a line that is versatile and beautiful for anyone who is looking for the ultimate glam look.”

Pacificus is a subsidiary of Korean cosmetics giant Samsung and is best known for its cosmetics line including the Pomegranate, and also the Porefessional.

The company also makes beauty skincarades, and has partnerships with makeup brands including MAC, L’Oréal, and Urban Decay.

Pacificos new products are available in the US and Canada.

Read morePopular beauty brands are currently selling their products online at the US, UK, and Australia retail outlets.

The launch of Glossier’s products comes as brands such as Lancome and Bobbi Brown are also starting to roll out their own line of makeup, as are beauty brand brands like MAC and L’Oreal.

In a statement, Pacificas CEO, Kristen Miller, shared, “Glossier Cosmetics new line of high-performance, all-in-one, high-moisturizing and nourishing products is an essential part of the Glossier family, and we are excited to see the impact it will have on the lives of our customers and the beauty community.”

The launch of the Pixels new products is expected to be available later this month, but they will be offered at stores like Nordstrom, Target, and Kohl’s.

The new Glossier cosmetics are set to hit the US on February 12th.

Source: MTV News

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