Glossier Cosmetics launches ‘Panda Beauty’ mascara review

A new collection of mascara from Glossier aims to deliver the same creamy, waterproof formula of its signature brands but in a more palatable packaging.The brand has teamed up with Pacifica, the brand behind Panda Beauty mascara, to bring the line to the US.The collection of six products will be available in a range of […]

How to get free skinceuticals with your subscription box

On the heels of President Trump’s inauguration, skincares and beauty products were one of the hottest topics at the annual Women in the World Summit.While the Women in Power Summit featured a number of women of color who stood up for women’s rights and equality, one of their biggest focuses was on the health and […]

All the best skincares to get a 30s subscription for the summer 2018

Skincare, moisturizer and suncream are great for the whole family.And now, you can get all three in one box for 30-s subscribers.The All-In-One Skincares subscription box is the best way to get skincared for 30 to 45 days for the price of a single skincar and a box of moisturizers, said Jessica Kopp, a dermatologist […]