A new product from Primera Skincare: Primera Facial Cream

Primera is launching its first product, the Facial cream, in Japan.

The cream, which will launch in Japan on September 27, is designed to give skin a break from harsh conditions and promote healthy and glowing skin.

The facial cream is made with a mix of ingredients including rosemary and thyme and the cream will be available for ¥20,000 (about $22).

The brand’s brand director, Junichi Fukuda, said that the new product “provides a refreshing refreshing break from a harsh winter.

It’s a new face mask for skincares that are focused on a healthy and fresh complexion.”

He added that the product “is designed to be applied before or after shower and after washing the face.”

The product is similar to the Face and Body Masks from Primerica.

The Face and Bodies Masks are made with the same ingredients but feature more coverage, and are priced more competitively.

The Facial creams are being developed in conjunction with Japanese cosmetics giant Primera.

Primera’s other products include the Skin Toner, the Mousse Mousse, and the Moisturizer.

For more information on the new products, check out the brand’s press release.

Development Is Supported By

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