Trader Joe’s skinnies up $6 billion in new revenue, but sales fall 0.5%

Trader Joe is about to become the most valuable company in the world, but it’s not doing too well.

Shares of the retail giant plunged by more than $6 a share Thursday after a series of bad reports on its business, the first since the holiday season.

The shares have lost more than 6% in the past six months.

The company said it would add $6.2 billion to the $10.3 billion in revenue it reported last quarter.

The quarterly profit fell short of analysts’ expectations of $9.5 billion.

Trader Joe has been selling off more than 3,000 stores as it tries to stay afloat amid a recession.

The stock has dropped more than 8% in 2017 and has lost more $10 billion since trading in December 2016.

The loss of profit and a lack of expansion at the company’s U.S. stores could hurt the company more than any other company.